FAQ for Companies

Why should someone use a staffing company like StartPeople Staffing Agency Inc. to find work?

There are a variety of useful tools available to job-seekers today. One of the most efficient tools is a temporary service or staffing agency. The purpose of these organizations is to match companies who need work done with people looking for work! The fee for a staffing agency's services is paid by the client company, so it's free to register for those who are looking for work.

Many of StartPeople's employees find their full time jobs through our work assignments. Agencies like StartPeople have contacts at a wide variety of local companies. So when someone registers with an agency, they are in essence, submitting their name for consideration at local companies who are already currently hiring! In fact, many companies do all of their hiring strictly through an agency. It is a fast and efficient networking tool for both the job-seeker AND the worksite.

So how do unemployed individuals make the most of a staffing agency's services? First, the employee must choose an agency that is reputable. When registering with the agency, the employee should let the consultant know what kind of work, pay range, environment etc. interests them. That way, all the appropriate and relevant opportunities that become available can be presented for the employee's consideration. With the help of a staffing company, they will no longer spend hours searching for jobs unsuccessfully. Instead, jobs will find them!

Temporary jobs present an excellent way to gain experience at a particular company or in a certain industry, while earning money. If the employee and the client company decides that it is an excellent skill and experience match, it could turn into a full time job. A large percentage of temporary jobs often result in full time positions. Being willing to consider temporary work can greatly increase someone's employment opportunities. For someone who is looking for occasional work, registering with a temporary agency like StartPeople allows them to have more options and gives the employee greater flexibility and control when it comes to their work schedule.

How does STARTPEOPLE match an employee to a job?

During their personal interview with a StartPeople team member at our office, the employee will be asked about their experience, skills, preferences, transportation method, and availability.

We then document that info on their file in our database.

Then, when a client company contacts StartPeople to request additional staff for their jobsite, StartPeople will ask the client company about the skills, experience and shift availability required. StartPeople will also investigate if the worksite is accessible by public transport or not. A representative from StartPeople will visit the jobsite to insure it meets safety standards and has health & safety procedures in place to protect our employees. Once we are satisfied that we have all the pertinent info, we will run a search of our database for a list of applicants who match all of these criteria.

We will call those applicants and present the work opportunity to them. We always start with the applicants who have most recently called in available for work. The applicants are free to accept or decline the work assignment, with no penalty. Once the person has heard the details and accepted the assignment, we will send them a Job Assignment Notice, which will reiterate all the details about the job in writing, including shift times, pay rates, a thorough job description, location, and tips for being successful at this assignment.

This is a very thorough, personal process, and results in happier matches between employees and worksites. We never send someone out to work that we have not fully interviewed and orientated to our procedures and processes.

How much will StartPeople employees be paid ?

Pay rates for jobs differ depending on which client company our people work at, which shift, what transportation method is required, and what skills/experience are needed. The pay rate is calculated based on all those factors, as well as taking into consideration what the full time employees are paid when they are hired for the same position.

We want our employees to be satisfied with their assignment at your worksite and their experience with StartPeople. Please direct any StartPeople employee with questions about their pay to contact the local StartPeople office. Our payroll team is available Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM to help them with payroll questions.

Client Company' Responsibility

Accurately depict the expected duties of the vacancy.
Determine competence of the worker upon arrival and prior to allowing the worker on the floor to begin his/her assignment.
Provide ongoing and adequate supervision of the worker.